• The Matin Enamel is a classic timepiece with a traditional choice of tear drop lugs and an enamel dial. Keeping to tradition, the Enameling methods used on the Matin Enamel are modeled on the Grand Feu method used in high-end watchmaking. The enamel powder is sourced from UK and powdered onto a base dial and fired in a kiln at 780 degrees. Each dial is fired multiple times to several layers to create a consistency in tone, variation, colour and purity. After each round of firing, the dial is filed and levelled. Throughout this process, there is a high chance of failure from dial bending, cracking and uneven layering from the enamel melting. Grand Feu enamelling is labor intensive and extremely time consuming, but the end product is unparalleled beauty; far superseding the Epoxy enamel or Industrial enamel methods commonly used.


    Each dial is hand-made from a base sheet of metal and powdered form enamel. The finished product is unique and no two dials are the same.


    Case: Ø 39.5 mm
    Height: 9.3 mm
    Material: stainless steel
    Strap: 18/16 mm Alligator
    Waterproof up to: 5 bar
    Glass: sapphire crystal, both sides anti-reflective
    Bottom: steel
    Dial: Ø display 32 mm, grand feu 7 times fired, hand finished enamel, hour markers pad printed
    Hands: Stainless steel

    The Matin Blue Moon Enamel


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    Matin - Pronounced “Mah-Tonne” is french for ‘Morning’. In particular, early morning, at the break of dawn. The collection is represented in three variants, a black dial ceramic, a silver guilloche dial, and the flagship of the brand, the Grand Feu enamel.


    The collection draws its design inspiration from nature, in particular, the colors of the sky in transition from night to dawn to morning. The color of the sky changes from black, to a hue of blue, to eventually a white sky.

    On the wrist

    Sized at 39 mm, the classic Matin is elegant on the wrist. It has a slim 9.23 mm profile that can easily fit under any dress shirt cuff.
    watch vector 2.png

    Movement Swiss SW 210-1

    Dimensions: Ø 25.6 mm, height 3.35 mm
    Balance: screw balance
    Oscillating frequency: 28,800 vph, equivalent to 4 Hz 

    Power reserve: 42 h
    Shock protection: Incabloc
    Jewels: 17 jewel bearings