the atelier


Travailler Et Jouer means “Work and Play” in french. The name embodies what goes on in the atelier. Travailler - to work, to labor; represents the laborious process invested in watchmaking. From the dial to the case, our watches are hand-made, hand-finished and produced in-house. Yet for all the work we put in, enjoying the fruits of our labor drives us to work hard everyday.

Grand Feu Enamelling



Hand Finishing

Throughout this process, there is a high chance of failure from dial bending, cracking and uneven layering. Grand Feu enamelling is labor intensive and extremely time consuming, but the end product is unparalleled beauty; far superseding the Epoxy enamel or Industrial enamel methods used in watches around this price range.


Advanced Precision Manufacturing

Advanced Material


Swiss Mechanical Movement

We pride ourselves in making art accessible, without cutting corners on production. Travailler focuses on perfecting the classics while embracing the modernity of ‘Play’, a fun element in the design of each timepiece, created for the joy of its owners.

21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace

The Hangar@iCube

Singapore 119613

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